Natural Areas Restoration Services

We can perform a variety of services to restore remnant natural areas and establish new ones. These services include:

Prairie Planting and Maintenance

Careful planning, thorough site preparation, a high-quality native seed mix and dedicated maintenance are the keys to success. We also work to establish native woodland and wetland vegetation in shady or wet sites respectively.

Woodland Restoration

Although your woodland may look natural, many influences over the years such as overgrazing, logging and fire suppression have thrown these natural communities out of balance. Brush removal, weed management, selective thinning and sustainable timber harvesting may be some of the steps we take to keep your woodland healthy for future generations.

Invasive Species Control

We are experts at controlling invasive plants, from the common and relatively easy to manage garlic mustard and canadian thistle, to the more challenging Japanese knotweed or leafy spurge. We have the skills and experience to achieve success eliminating weeds and allowing native plants to once gain thrive

Brush Clearing

Non-native brush species such as buckthorn, honeysuckle and multiflora rose can devastate our woodlands and prairies. Native brush species can get out of control as well in the absence of rejuvenating fire. We can clear this brush from your property in an efficient and ecologically sensitive manner.

Prescribed Burns

Fire is essential to regulate our native ecosystems. Let us rejuvenate your prairie, woodland or wetland with a safe, carefully planned prescribed fire.

Shoreline Restoration:

Restoring your lake or stream shoreline with native plants is a cost-effective way to prevent shoreline erosion, halt and filter polluted run-off from entering the waterway and provide habitat for wetland wildlife.

Erosion Control

Native grasses and wildflowers have deep, sturdy root systems that tenaciously hold onto soil. With their help we can stabilize eroded slopes and prevent run-off from your property.

Need advice? We provide Ecological Consulting services as well.